The World Peace and Prosperity Foundation.

The World Peace and Prosperity Foundation (WPPF) is a non-profit company, with the main aims to promote and advocate peace and peaceful resolution of the conflicts through discussion and better understanding of political, economic and cultural differences.

It aims to encourage multicultural and multi-faith tolerance, multinational cooperation which would lead towards better sustainable life and to support disadvantaged people and societies, in need of basic sustainable resources, such as food, water, energy, clean and healthy environment and life saving medical help.

WPPF supports the education, promotion of individual talents and recognition of exceptional national and international achievements awarding those who significantly improve people's lives and provide help for underprivileged and destitute members of the global society.

In 2012 WPPF Committee decided to inaugurate an Annual Award for the most distinguished persons and contributors, nationally and internationally, who achieved peace and harmony between people of all ages and nations, mutual cooperation and better relationships between international diplomatic, commercial and cultural representatives in the UK and worldwide friendships.

Prince Nawab Mir Mohsin Ali Khan


Councillor Frances Stainton


Raymond Keene OBE Hon. Secretary


Lord Carrington of Fulham

Shaikh Abdullatif bin Hamad
bin Mohammad Al Jabr

Dr Rami Ranger MBE FRSA

Princess Reena Kumari
also a Regional Representative for India

Dr Suhail Chughtai MBBS FRCS
Communications and TV

Moath Al Naeem
Regional Representative for the Middle East
Councillor Frances Stainton

Frances Stainton studied Art at the Accademia di a Belle Arti in Florence, Italy.receiving her Diploma in Painting which included Fresco, Sculpture, Etching, with Anatomy in the School of Medicine. Her history of Art Thesis was on Andrea del Sarto ,follower of her much loved Michelangelo.

As an idealistic young student she was attracted by the Roman catholic symbolic lighting of a candle in prayer. She lit hers ,for life ,to Beauty,Truth & Love ,which brings Light inspiration & joy to us one and all.

She exhibited in London with The Ohana Gallery, In Paris with The Marcel Bernheim,In Rome with the Societta Della Tavolozza, among others.receiving Private & Public commissions,with some Awards including one from the Grollo D’oro in Venice. She also joined the Hesketh Hubbard Art Society ,exhibiting in The London Mall Galleries.

In 1980 She married the MP for the former Constituency of Sudbury and Woodbridge,Keith Stainton, so being introduced to the thrills & spills of a large family & entering Political life, seeing the astonishing things he did for his Constituents and the active political invitations abroad ,such as Senator Baker's personal invitation to Washington.

So when asked in 1990 to stand for the Hammersmith & Fulham Council it was a natural next step,especially as Chelsea FC were threatening to acquire the adjacent properties including Chelsea Studios,her London home & workplace. From then on she took an increasingly active part in Local government, with ever less time to paint in.

She served as the Opposition Whip, then from 2006 as the Chief Whip & Cabinet Member for Redevelopment, at the time Westfield was built. Other Cabinet posts held are Culture & Heritage,when she gave the Treasures Past & Present Exhibition of the Boroughs collections,which included the valuable Cecil French pre-Raphaelite Paintings and Drawings, some of which she had restored with others sent around the world.

As Cabinet Member for Parks, Culture and Heritage, she won Heritage Lottery Funding twice ,which together with other grants saw the restoration of Fulham Palace, Bishops Park & most of the borough’s 56 parks & open spaces. Then there was the return of Polo in Hurlingham park, as an annual sporting event.

The Painter Stainers Livery Company in 2012 invited her to become a Freeman,being admitted through the Aldermanic Court by redemption to The Freedom of the City of London in 2016. She is a Vice President of The Brain Trust and was awarded The Commander's Cross of The Companionate of the Order of the White Swan.

Throughout these differing periods she has continuously served Charities. ARC,Arthritis Research,in the London for some 28 years .She is a Trustee & has been a committee member for 30 odd years with the Daisy Trust. Twice as Mayor of H&F she raised ,in total,some £100K for Walking with the Wounded ,which Prince Harry was then Patron of. Local Charities were included in her fund raising, including Albert & Friends, The Stoll Foundation & The Daisy Trust.

Together with her work as a Counsellor, in 2012 Prince Mohsin Ali Khan asked her to help found a charity which had long been a deeply felt interest of his ,and which she shares. WPPF will now hold it's 2017 Award Winners Celebration Dinner as you see on our Web site now.
Prince Nawab Mir Mohsin Ali Khan

Prince Nawab Mir Mohsin Ali Khan belongs to the family of the Nizam and was born in his family home Khanabagh Palace. He was brought up in the Nizam’s family school attending lectures given by many scholars including Sir Nizamat Jung who was the school governor. They were taught in the Sufi traditions where worldly things are immaterial.

This is a Sufi poem, which led Prince Mohsin to serve humanity.

Though a lonely dreamer
Let me dream to find the realities
In the heart of all that seems.
Let each drawn breath bring light to make
Our darkness disappear
And mirror forth the real in our dream.

He started Multi religious activities. On a very small scale he stared a Muslim ,Jewish and Christian Society here in the UK. Then he started the same activities under the name of 'One Nation of All Faiths' in which he promoted dialogues between people of all religions while visiting Synagogues ,Churches and Temples.

He received two Honorary Doctorates , one of Humanities .the other of Literature, plus being the recipient of several other Awards and Titles. He also received The Freedom of the City of London.

In 1994 and again in 1995, when Sir Edward Heath represented the UK, he represented the Indo-Pak Sub Continent at the world Peace Conference held in South Korea. His aim was to see the sub continent of South Asia( India, Pakistan, Bangladesh Shri Lanka & Nepal) IPBSN as a mini Commonwhealth.

In the words of Mr Reginald Massey he can only be described as 'A Prince for All Seasons' Prince Mohsin is associated with and advocates a well represented world Parliament to be concerned with the entire planet. His humbleness has not lost the common touch. Further in the words of Mr Reginald Massey, he fulfils Kipling's prescription for the complete man He is not yesterday's man. On the contrary his passion for the future of humanity proclaimed he is Tomorrow's Man.

In fact in 2012 he won The Brain Trust's Brain of the Year, given to those with exceptional mental prowess who have used their talents to serve others. He also became a Patron of the Maidstone Museum.

In 2012 The World Peace and Prosperity Foundation was formed and is now celebrating it's 5th Award Winners Dinner at the House of Lords. This has to be at a National,International and Multi Faith level.recognising people who have given exceptional Service to Humanity and drawing together many people who share theses aspirations.
Ray Keene OBE

Ray Keene OBE - MA Trinity College Cambridge; Officer of British Empire, awarded by HM The Queen in person . Britain's senior International chess Grandmaster, former British chess champion and Gold medallist in European Championship, writes every day in The Times. Ray has also written the world record 199 books (translated into 13 languages) on Chess, Mind Sports, Genius, Mental World Records, Art and Thinking, and has won numerous first prizes in international chess tournaments across five continents.

Ray also writes regularly for The Sunday Times, The Spectator, The Daily Yomiuri Tokyo, The Australian and The Gulf News. Ray studied German at Trinity where Ray shared lodgings with H R H Prince Charles.

In 1981 Ray was awarded Gold Medal of Chinese Olympic Association; before 1975 was chess tutor to The Imperial Court of Iran. Raised £1.4m for 3 Mind Sports Olympiads 1997, 1998, 1999 – organised 1st ever Man vs Computer World Championship in any thinking sport -World Draughts Championship London 1992. Ray was appointed head of Mind Sports Faculty for 1994-2000 and 2013/2014 Leadership Academies of Prince Philipp of Liechtenstein and President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, in Leon. Twice winner of Global Chess Oscar as world's best chess writer and a previous winner of the WPPF award.

Ray co-founded and organised World Memory Championship 23 times since 1991 with the most recent one hosted, December 2014, in Hainan Province China. Personal bests in chess displays challenging multiple opponents at the same time,107 simultaneous opponents at Oxford 1973 where he won 101, drew 5 and lost one, and Leon Mexico 2013, defeating 17 opponents simultaneously without sight of the boards or pieces.

Translator of Goethe's Faust into English. Freeman of the City of London and granted right to Arms by the Royal College of Arms. In 2014, Ray was awarded the title of Knight of the Order of the White Swan conferred by Prince Marek Kasperski and Chevalier of the Order of Champagne.


Dr Akiko Mikamo

Dr Akiko Mikamo is the daughter of one of the last survivors of the Hiroshima atomic bomb. Her father was 1.2 kilometres from the epicenter while her mother, now deceased, was even closer at some 700 metres away. Both suffered very severe injury yet they rose above the horrors and totally avoided hatred. Her writing and speaking has inspired peace continuously ever since.
Shaikh Abdullatif bin Hamad bin Mohammad Al Jabr

Shaikh Abdullatif bin Hamad bin Mohammad Al Jabr is a very remarkable man, who is not only a brilliant business man, but he has also set in motion a number of magnificent projects to bring about great changes for the better in the lives of his fellow human beings. These include both The Al Jabr Kidney Hospital and The Al Jabr ENT Hospital.
The Rt Revd & Rt Hon Dr Richard Chartres KCVO DD FSA

Richard Chartres holds very wide ranging positions of responsibility be it as Dean of HM Chapels Royal or as a Privy Counsellor and ex officio member of the House of Lords. He also deputises for The Arch Bishop of Canterbury Chairing the Board of Governors of the Church of England and his relations with the Orthodox Churches. All of this shows just a part of his remarkable qualities, as does his founding ST Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace. He is A True, but very approachable, Man of God, giving exceptional service to humanity
His Excellency Khaled Al-Duwaisan

H.E.Kaled Al-Duwaisan became The Dean of the Diplomatic corps in April 2003 . For the Ambassador, it is very important to act as a role model for other diplomats to be tolerant and respectful. His remarkable work in fighting against extremism continues through his sustained engagement with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Muslim communities in the United Kingdom,including the Arab Council, London’s largest mosque in Regent’s Park. He is an outstanding force for Peace and Tolerance in the world of today.
Wendy Mead OBE CC

Wendy encapsulates all that is great in the historic institution of the city of London. A powerful source for good, where for over twenty years she has been a driving force holding many demanding posts. As Chairman of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital she led the campaign which successfully halted the government’s plan to close this 900 year old institution, which is now the largest and newest cardiology centre in Europe with state of the art specialist cancer services.
Malala Usufzai

Malala was only 16 when an assassin’s bullet to her head nearly ended the life of this wonderfully courageous child. She campaigned for education also for the girls in her country. In 2012 she was receiving life-saving treatment in a Birmingham hospital when WPPF sought to support her with the award. As we know she has since become the youngest receiver of the Nobel Peace Prize.
Dr Manahel Thabet

So much of the world’s charitable efforts are directed, not surprisingly, to the disadvantages end of society. Dr Manahel Thabet’s experience as a gifted child opened her eyes to how much is lost by these children “switching off”, often due to boredom and lack of stimulus, with the result that their great contribution is lost to a world that assuredly needs their talents. She founded and sponsored many gifted education initiatives.
Sir Roy Strong CH FRSL

Sir Roy Strong has given exceptional cumulative service to mankind on many fronts. He first came to prominence as the youngest director of the V & A Museum, continuing his hugely popular exhibitions and, uniquely, taking it out of dependency on the government grant. He also saved so very many of England’s great country houses from dereliction. He may be best know for inspiring garden design with his books being translated worldwide.

Dr Chris Nonis’s career has spanned medicine, commonwealth diplomacy, business, peace initiatives and philanthropy. His medical training includes a First Class Honours from Imperial College, MBBS from Royal Free Hospital, electives at Harvard Medical School, and postgraduate at Addenbrooke’s, Cambridge and Royal Brompton, and is a member of the Royal College of Physicians. He was voted Diplomat of the Year for Asia during his tenure as High Commissioner for Sri Lanka to the Court of St James’.
Fergus Williams

A co-founder of Walking with the Wounded, which rescues former servicemen and women devastated not only by the loss of limbs or psychological damage, but who, as a consequence of leaving the services, lose also their earning power, their comrades and the sense of life being worth living. Prince Harry became their Patron, even taking part in the famous walks to both the North and South Poles. Fergus has been amazing in his determination, imagination and achievements.

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